The German FAZ newspaper calls him “one of the leading experts for innovation”, the Harvard Business manager describes him as the
“Top management consultant for innovation culture and disruptive innovation.”

References 2019

The picture shows Keynote Speaker Dr. Jens-Uwe Meyer. He talks about digitalization in the energy industry.

16.05.2019: Uniper Energy Day Regensburg

The transformation of the energy sector is accelerating. How can providers meet the challenges of the coming decade? How do municipal utility companies become digital winners? Keynote speech at the Uniper Energy Day for managing directors and representatives of municipal energy suppliers.

Keynote Deutsche Post IT Köln

16.05.2019: Keynote at Deutsche Post IT in Cologne (English language)

Deutsche Post IT is one of the drivers of digitalization in the industry and is working on exciting management approaches. CIO David Thornewill brings together employees from different departments in an IT community of users and IT professionals. Topic of the keynote at the international staff meeting: How will companies change in the future to better manage disruption and innovation?

Das Bild zeigt Dr. Jens-Uwe Meyer Keynote Speaker zur Digitalisierung. Er hält einen Vortrag über die digitale Zukunft des Einzelhandels.

10.05.2019: Keynote speech on the future of retail

At the Roqqio VIP Event 2019 Dr. Jens-Uwe Meyer outlined the implications of digital change for the retail industry: What does the customer of tomorrow want? How can retailers become digital winners? Dr. Jens-Uwe Meyer was invited by ROQQIO Commerce Solutions GmbH, an association of leading software companies for the stationary and e-commerce trade.

“Dr. Jens-Uwe Meyer has swept the audience away! In his keynote speech he addressed our guests – medium-sized retailers – perfectly. I received a lot of enthusiastic feedback.”

Vanjo Wandscher (CEO ROQQIO Commerce Solutions)

Huawei Keynote JUM

08.05.2019: The Huawei Enterprise Business Group Germany hosted the first Huawei Enterprise Day 2019 in Germany on May 7 and 8, 2019. The event focused on the future of digitalization in manufacturing, retail, ISP, finance, transportation and public administration for a networked, intelligent world and the use of 5G technology. Dr. Jens-Uwe Meyer gave the opening keynote in front of about 200 customers and partners of the company.

11.04.2019: Keynote about digitization and innovation in the automotive industry at a top event for Volvo Brazil. Dr. Jens-Uwe Meyer delivered a quite provocative message: Customer service in the context of vehicle maintenance often feels like “back to the 90s”. Building a digital customer experience in this area is definitely a challenge for traditional car dealerships.

We organized a highly anticipated event for Brazilian Volvo Top Executives in Berlin. Jens-Uwe, thank you very much for the really exciting keynote you gave. The audience was really excited about your speech and left many new inspiring thoughts behind.

Carla Mayumi, KES São Paulo

10.4.2019: Keynote on Digital Disruption at the Richmond Events Switzerland IT-Forum in Bürgenstock Hotels & Resort Lake Lucerne. The message: The position of IT in the enterprise world is changing radically. From being a ’server administrator‘ in the past to becoming an engine for tomorrow’s business models.

What an amazing start of our 5th Richmond IT Forum! Thanks Jens-Uwe, for being an impressive and thrilling opening keynote speaker today!

Richmond Events Switzerland via LinkedIn

04.04.2019: How can medium-sized companies drive innovation and become digital winners with limited resources and budgets? Keynote speech by Dr. Jens-Uwe Meyer at a networking event for the furniture industry organized by Lectra. Like no other, the company is pushing ahead with the digitalization of the fashion, car interior and furniture sectors. The company supports its customers from design to production with first-class digital technologies.

How does innovation succeed in medium-sized businesses? Dr. Jens-Uwe Meyer inspired and thrilled our guests – the top management of leading companies in the German furniture industry – with answering this question. Thank you for this great speech!

Helene Kehren
Marketing Manager Furniture DACH & Eastern Europe

Pictures: Nadine Porrmann, Robin Data,

28.03.2019: ITnet Thüringen promotes intelligent networking and the growth of the IT industry in Thuringia. Dr. Jens-Uwe Meyer was the top speaker at the IT performance show 2019 in the Steigerwald Stadium in Erfurt. His message: In the next 10 years the IT industry will change radically. The disruptors of the first hour must be careful not to become “disrupted” themselves.

Pictures: Harald Fuhr

12.03.2019: The automotive industry is facing major changes. What does this mean for the retail sector? Which requirements will customers have for service offerings and digital services in the future? Dr. Jens-Uwe Meyer as Keynote Speaker at Mercedes-Benz Retail Germany.

The keynote speech by Dr. Jens-Uwe Meyer was a great performance. His message was delivered to our executives in a perfect way.

Sabine Kohleisen, Chairwoman of the Executive Board
Mercedes-Benz Retail Germany

06.03.2019: Dr. Jens-Uwe Meyer at the Lufthansa Systems Airline Forum, one of the leading international IT events for aviation. In front of almost 500 representatives of international airlines, he explains the effects of digital disruption.

06.03.2019: „Digitisation is rarely the stuff of an entertaining evening. Jens-Uwe Meyer, however, had his audience in Cottbus, all personalities from politics, business and society, in the bag – by showing them what this Internet and all the technical stuff has to do with their everyday lives. That was great! We learned a lot about innovation and how to tackle it ourselves.

Oliver Haustein-Teßmer, chief editor of media company LAUSITZER RUNDSCHAU

Siemens Zagreb

31.1.2019: What does the industry of the future look like? How will industry 4.0 and artificial intelligence affect production and work in the future? Dr. Jens-Uwe Meyer as keynote speaker at the most important customer event of Siemens Croatia in Zagreb.

Lufthansa Systems

29.01.2019: Lufthansa Systems is one of the largest digitalization drivers in the aviation industry. Exciting solutions such as face recognition for check-in. And algorithms based on artificial intelligence to prevent delays. Dr. Jens-Uwe Meyers Keynote 2019 had the topic: Digitalization of Sales. From the traditional salesperson to the innovation coach of the customer.

Auto Scout 24


How analog products become digital business models – illustrated by the automotive and cosmetics industries. Keynote speech for Auto Scout 24 in the run-up to the legendary Pirelli Night in Zurich.

Thank you very much for your outstanding keynote at the Pirelli Night, powered by It was highly motivating and inspiring for our audience.

Piere-Alain Regali
Managing Director